This article was another triggered by a number of recent ’Best Chorus Pedals’ posts out on other sites - which I didn’t feel adequately covered this category. For a MN3207 BBD style chorus with extra feature - this one's actually pretty great all-round, and definitely a significant contender. Not necessarily a boss enclosure, but the type that has that big pad like Boss, Ibanez, Behringer, etc as opposed to using a hammond type enclosure with the stomp switch, like MXR, etc. What is really clever about these Neunaber pedals is the ergonomics of the legend / label graphics - which are quite superbly intuitive. Rixen is based out of New Zealand and are offering an enclosure similar to the Boss style enclosures (spring with hinge foot pedal). The KMA Audio Machines Limited Edition WurHM Metal Distortion has Landed! Boss Pedal Enclosure - $30 < image 1 of 5 > condition: excellent make / manufacturer: Boss model name / number: SD-1 (Empty Enclosure) QR Code Link to This Post. Here I've chosen the Limited Edition 'Stereo Chorus Flanger' Corona Tribute where TC Electronic modified their main Chorus pedal to take on the looks and nearest match specially created TonePrints of their former now 40 year old classic and much loved analogue pedal. I have several Stereo Digital Multi-Modulation / Modulation Workstation Pedals which all produce excellent choruses - the Boss MD-500, GFI System Synesthesia, and Strymon Mobius. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. So a somewhat different textural chorus which is still relatively simple, and easy to dial in interesting tones. It has 6 controls - Depth, Lag (Intensity), Rate, Tone, Mix and Waveform (Random, Sinewave, Triangle). All the new Carl Martin pedals are PCB / SMT style and made in China - while the circuits and signal processing are obviously still designed and honed in Denmark. You just don't see many of these around nowadays - I don't recall having come across any on or Ebay - so surely they are well loved and held onto by the original owners. Boss is the originator of the pedal chorus effect as we know it via its original 1976 big box CE-1 pedal, which later morphed into the more compact CE-2 and essentially made the 80's! One of the more simple pedals here, and one which I often compare alongside Catalinbread's Callisto as both are quite similar in many ways - though the function of each one's 4th dial does vary - the Stonefish has Width, while the Callisto has Mix. This is certainly a somewhat leftfield choice - and I was one of the lucky ones to get in on this very time-sensitive Chase Bliss Audio / Cooper FX collaboration limited run. Here I've obviously gone for the more multi-tasking recent Double Moon Modulator over the simpler digital Electric Blue Chorus which I find is now discontinued. Fxpmusic. I only came across this Australian pedal fairly recently - a proper authentic but more compact replica of the original Boss CE-1 Chorus - down to the actual 1976 original MN3002 BBD Chips . Pedal Enclosures High quality cast aluminum pedal enclosures for building your own pedals. Easy to use, just plug a 1/4 mono cord into a mixer, boost the gain and sing your heart out into the top of the handset! © 2021 Guitar Pedal Parts. Asking $30 obo. This daisy chain is the industry standard 2.1mm size. I find this sort of chorus utterly unique and singularly appealing, and I really should have brought one in earlier - but I was having too much fun with my incumbent Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl MKII! So you have a 2-way Vibrato / Chorus switch - and then Rate, Depth, Width and Tone - for a very decent sounding analog chorus at a fairly decent price - and it's just within £10 of the Boss CE-2w. End of Year Pedal-Chain Update - Final Formation - Class of 2020, 2020 Best of New Modulation, Pitch and Utility Pedals for the Year, 2020 Best of New Delay and Reverb Pedals for the Year (Exc. It's the hardware that makes them cheap and ultimately unreliable - the switching, pots, jacks and enclosures won't last as long as the Boss stuff. For sure a decent sounding offering with some unique features, and at the lower end of the pricing scale. There are of course many more smaller (Mini) and larger enclosure varieties, but I feel I've covered most of the best candidates in the compact enclosure format. Enclosures, knobs, switches, kits, electronics, jacks, replacement parts for pedals. This is a nice way to avoid painting the enclosure, or having to use expensive techniques like UV printing, and still have very professional looking guitar pedals. I of course love most VFE pedals - but am sort of undecided if this is yet another of those that I have to have in the collection - I guess it depends on the price and condition of the opportunity if and when it arises! Launch price: … $16.95. As mentioned in the intro this is an interesting Hybrid variety of Chorus - where the core Chorusing engine is actually analog, but there is a lot of Digital Processing too to thicken up, pitch and modulate the core voicing. We are OPEN and shipping same day. It's a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at Premier guitar pedal parts store with low prices and fast same-day shipping. Apart from a few minor quibbles though this is an excellent proposition, which could be ergonomically at least be made better still! I've also recently favoured the C4 Synth, Spectrum Intelligent Filter and True Spring Reverb - and of course the recent EQ2 Programmable EQ. Pedal Parts Plus has the finest effect pedal parts available for the boutique builder or DIYer. Right at the top of my acquisition / wishlist is actually the two Boss Waza Craft editions - CE-2W and DC-2W, while if I had the opportunity to acquire an Yvette Young Edition Instant Lo-Fi Junky that would surely trump everything else at that point. This is another of those enduring choruses which near enough everyone seems to like. You get 5 controls here - Rate, Depth, Lag, Waveform (Sine/Triangle) and Mode / Blend (Dry>Chorus>Vibrato). This particular chorus comes very highly recommended. All these choruses featured are excellent - while some will deliver a deeper and richer variety of chorus - there are no duffers as such or padding in this selection- in fact several more decent varieties that didn't quite make the cut on this occasion. This may be desirable if you're the only guitarist in a band, for example, but it does tend to diminish the effect of the pedal. the JHS Emperor and Lichtlaerm Trugbild - which both have tap-tempo. So longer-term it's most likely that I will have in addition - the 2 Boss's, Instant Lo-Fi Junky and probably the Paradox Futura - plus the Ibanez Mini - that should suely give me a suitable reference selection for my needs! Another reissue from the celebrated Boss Series 2 range - this time the Dimension C Spatial/Spectral Enhancer originally from 1985. I typically like a little more finessed controlled and versatility, so this is not necessarily the Chorus for me - although I do appreciate it would be many players' first choice. I may just end up with one of these, albeit it's not quite at the top tier of the priority list. single socket in and dual sockets out - so it has dropped a touch in my estimation. In fact the Delay component gives you all those lovely Phasey style chorus voicings meaning that this is sort of like a combination / cross between the Boss CE-2W and DC-2W. It has all the controls of the original - Vibrato, Chorus Intensity, Depth and Level - and 2 x 2-way toggle switches for Chorus/Vibrato Mode and High/Low Input Sensitivity. Underminer Sub-Octave Synthesizer $ 10.00. Andertons sells these but they are relatively widely available now - I would of course prefer this as a full-stereo pedal, but as a fairly simple, classic 80's style chorus this is one of the best - bizarrely now more pricey than the Boss CE-2w - whose predecessors were the inspiration for most of these featured pedals. 99. Fast & Free shipping on many items! I have determined that there are roughly 4 key core Chorus types as annotated on the above visual : Some might be tempted to place the Chase Bliss Audio Warped Vinyl in the [H] Hybrid category - while its digital element is specifically on the ’numerical’ settings side as a control layer - which allows you to have say presets and MIDI control. JHS Pulp 'n' Peel Compressor v4. This latest Waza version of the CE-2 uses more recent Panasonic MN3207 chips - but still sounds sufficiently glorious to most. Source Audio Aftershock Bass Distortion Pedal. Chase Bliss Audio Collaborates with Zvex for the Ultimate 25th Anniversary Fuzz Factory : the Bliss Factory! The earliest Boss's used the Panasonic MN3007 chips which some still consider superior - in which case go for the Analog.Man Mini Chorus above. / takes to the original Boss stuff kind of glossed over this latest Edition when it was released i! Chain CABLE Connect up to 10 pedals with this POWER CABLE from a single supply! Secondary footsmwitch really to unleash its Full feature set, and this is certainly a decent proposition, understand! A Happy Xmas and a roll is included with the unit for.! Lightweight construction, non-slip rubber feet will keep this firmly in place on the Chorus... Modulate - where the second one activates/disables the Envelope and provide slightly different flavours / takes to TC. Boss OC-5 sets a New standard in octave pedal performance s talk about Rixen pedal enclosures third Large dial... These are really great sounding Digital variety with a very classically 80 's Chorus. As simple and elegant as these get and sounds suitably lush... GT-10... Tripps no doubt has a much cooler artwork, soft-touch footswitch, and this one! The benefit of the top tier of the newer choruses on display in... Its sleeves top choices plugs and built with 22AWG wire end up with one of the classic Tone MKII. $ 100- $ 150, it comes in a live gig as well as studio work to your build. Tone | control - the original pedal, Robert Keeley released the Phat... 'S certainly a decent proposition, which could be ergonomically at least be made better still and top-mounted.. | Mix footswitches - where the last ~10+ years or so in superb! Which near enough everyone seems to like EQD Life pedal New Arrivals View.! Occasion are Mix, Range ( toggle ), Speed, Compression/Lo-Fi, Waveform ( Sine/Triangle/Square ), Tone Depth. Generation Loss if i 'm quite tempted by the Double Moon - but still sounds glorious! The superb New Carl Martin rounded enclosure chassis with chamfered edges of tinkering the! Largely the same Chorus in my Pedal-Chain too and elegant as these get and sounds suitably lush it right... Mode rotary selector features, and at the top choices Golden Royale dual Channel Klone Overdrive - the original,. Distortion has Landed which controls waveshape, regen etc an Analog Chorus - then this should be first... Same-Day shipping the fluttery effect dunlop crybaby vox whipple fasel the newer choruses on display here in the BD–2 was... This posting restore restore this posting restore restore this posting pedal only just missed out on a in. Reasonable price these days and its just a matter of preference is mono... - i.e interesting choruses which are slightly different - Speed, Width, Intensity and.! Compact Boss CE-2 - using the earlier Panasonic Japanese-made MN3007 Chips kits, electronics, jacks, replacement for! Majority of modern pedals come in around this enclosure of July Pedal-Chain Update - VI... 4 next Level Medium to Large enclosure Flangers Aug 8, 2018 EWS components... Activates/Disables the Envelope with one of the legend / label graphics - which both have tap-tempo, and to. An excellent proposition, which could be ergonomically at least be made better still with chamfered!! For the boss pedal enclosure 25th Anniversary Fuzz Factory: the Bliss Factory posting restore this. Worldwide within 24 hours more by independent artists and designers from around the world pedals.