width: 100%; var tlxFlashHeight = 300; martinsenora. 5290 times. Haz. Subjunctive vs. Indicative in Spanish. form: (hablar – ar + a = habla) (comer – er + e = come) (escribir – ir + e = escribe) Be sure to note that the “tú” commands use the usted form, not the tú form! Tú commands DRAFT. What is the gerund? salir - Sal! The nosotros form is used to give an order that involves oneself as well as others, though it often expresses a suggestion as its translation let’s... indicates. Imperative (Command) Conjugation of colgar – Imperativo de colgar. C. De. 3 years … Tú duermes = ¡Duerme! Imperative of Buscar. } /* Text banner-blue 8/2/10 */ google_ad_client = "pub-8881148179938774"; Put the verb in the Tú form. Like most sets of conjugations of Spanish irregular verbs, the hacer … Vamos a hacer un esfuerzo. Vamos a dormir. Comer (Nosotros Command) comamos. var tlxFlashMovie = 'sitebuildercontent/sitebuilderfiles/negativetucommands.swf'; A common phrase you’ll hear in Spanish is házlo, meaning “do it”. Poner Command; tú: no pongas: usted: no ponga: nosotros nosotras: no pongamos: vosotros vosotras: no pongáis: ustedes : no pongan: No pongas el dinero debajo del colchón. ¡Baila tú todos los días! If a verb stem changes in the present tense, the command form will have the same stem change. B. var tlxFlashWidth = 600; Which verb has the irregular Affirmative Tú command? hacer (tú) haz. See All Topics. Hacer positive tú command. Decir (tú affirmative command) Di. } haz. Command Forms with Reflexive Pronouns, Next In the present tense, the yo form almost always ends in – o. We use affirmative t ú commands to tell one person to do something. var tlxFlashMenu = 'true'. (Don’t make so much noise.) haz. border-color: #ffffcc; hacer – haz. ¡Camina!- WALK! Is it reflexive? 257 AFFIRMATIVE tu COMMANDS: A. Following are a few of the verbs commonly used with negative vosotros commands. 4. Notice that when the subject pronoun vosotros is used, it follows the verb. } Suggested writing exercise: Write five sentences using irregular "tú" commands. Affirmative Spanish Commands Tú Commands. Tú commands DRAFT. comer (tú command) Come. The affirmative tú command version for "lavar" is lavan. Note that for all six tenses, the imperfect subjunctive can be conjugated in two different ways. -->,